Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our New Year celebration

HA HA !!!!

Us old fogies - Bill and I stayed up real late LOL till 10:00pm. We watched a movie the watched the ball drop in NYC so I guess we were up at midnight somewhere.

Shiloh was with Ashley on New Years Eve. He said he got off at around 11:00 and just about missed it, because he got to her house at almost 12:00.

New Years day, we spent time UNPACKING - uhg... then Danny (Bill's brother) Trish (Danny's wife) Michael (Their son) and Julie (Mike's wife) came over to watch football and play card games. We had a great time. We played Skip-Bo and Uno Spin. We relived a lot of old memories.

Unforunately when Trish and Dan were driving home they got a flat tire. Well at least they are home safe now.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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