Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Walk in the Light"

"Choices are not always easy to see clearly. You make choices every day and almost every hour that keep you walking in the light or moving away toward darkness. Some of the most important choices are about what you set your heart upon."
--Henry B. Eyring, "Walk in the Light", Ensign, May 2008, 123–25

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Choose You This Day"

"The choices we make determine our destiny."

--Thomas S Monson, "Choose You This Day", Ensign, November 2004 pg. 67

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Little BrotherRussel November 4, 1957
My Brother was born in Japan in 1957.
He is the 2nd child in our family of three children.
He is the only boy.
He was a very quiet child, even as he got older.
He and my sister were bestest buds.
They were always together getting into trouble or causing trouble for me. LOL! I used to get so annoyed. But I would not have traded them for any other siblings.
Now that my sister is gone and there are only the two of us left, we have grown quite close. I enjoy talking to him and love his visits.
He is a lot like my father and when I am with him there are a lot of memories of Dad. (Happy ones) I love you Russ.

Happy Birthday - Melanie

Melanie Dahle - October 12, 1981
I love you!!

Happy Birthday - Corbin (Big 6)

October 10, 2002
Oldest child of two great parents Amber & Spencer


Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Looking Back and Moving Forward" II

"Mortality is a period of testing, a time to prove ourselves worthy to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. In order to be tested, we must sometimes face challenges and difficulties. At times there appears to be no light at the tunnel’s end—no dawn to break the night’s darkness. We feel surrounded by the pain of broken hearts, the disappointment of shattered dreams, and the despair of vanished hopes. We join in uttering the biblical plea “Is there no balm in Gilead?” We are inclined to view our own personal misfortunes through the distorted prism of pessimism. We feel abandoned, heartbroken, alone. If you find yourself in such a situation, I plead with you to turn to our Heavenly Father in faith. He will lift you and guide you. He will not always take your afflictions from you, but He will comfort and lead you with love through whatever storm you face."

--Thomas S. Monson, "Looking Back and Moving Forward", Ensign, May 2008, 87–90

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Generation 2

Generation 2
Edward ERIKSON - b. 3 Apr 1856 Norway d. 4 Aug 1904 Iowa
Gertrude B (Soiseth) ANDERSDATTER - b. 18 Jun 1859 Norway d. 21 Nov 1933 Iowa

m. 25 Mar 1882 Iowa
Bertha Opal ERICKSON - b. 18 Oct 1882 Iowa d. 16 Oct 1973 Iowa
Emma Jean ERICKSON - b. 28 Nov 1883 Iowa d. 17 Sep 1946
Edwin Anthron ERICKSON - b. 22 Feb 1887 Iowa d. 25 May 1953
Elizabeth Gertrude ERICKSON - b. 16 Jun 1888 Iowa d. 3 Dec 1974

George Allen ERIKSON - b. 19 Sep 1890 Iowa d. 28 Dec 1946 Oregon
William Garhardt ERICKSON - b. 12 Aug 1892 Iowa d. 27 Nov 1950
Gilbert Elmer ERICKSON - b. 27 Apr 1896 Iowa d. 27 Apr 1928
Earl Raymond ERICKSON - b. 28 Feb 1899 Iowa d. 2 Feb 1960

Russell ERICKSON - b. 3 Jul 1902 Iowa d. 6 Apr 1953