Thursday, July 24, 2008

10 Rooms/ 10 Favorites

10 Rooms/ 10 Favorites

My friend came up with a great "tag".

"We all see all of the tag posts all of the time, and I can honestly say that I don't mind them. I like to read about everybody's likes, and dislikes, and etc. However, who comes up with these?

Some of them are good and fun, and then a few are so bad... One of the last ones I filled out had the question where is your cell phone? I thought " who cares??" and maybe that's how most of you feel about "tag" posts in general.

But, I thought I would start a few tags myself.. Ones that I thought would be fun to actually read and see. I decided to find 10 rooms in my house and post (1) favorite thing in each room.
Room #1 is – The entrance to my home. I love the angel and reindeer out on the stoop.
Room #2 is – The foyer. I love the art work that Bill has on display there.
Room #3 is – The kitchen. I love the Flowers that Bill bought me at the Farmer’s market. (Sorry the picture is not that great.
Room #4 is – The Dining room. I have my favorite Nativities sitting out and I also have the angels that remind me of my mother.
Room #5 is – My Office niche. The reason that I love this is the view I have out my window. I love to sit and watch the birds and the golfers.
Room #6 is – My living room. Bill just bought me a beautiful frame for pictures of our children and grandchildren.
Room #7 is – The master Bath. This is the reason that Bill bought the house (I think). This tub is great, it is big and it is a whirlpool tub. It is wonderful for those stressful days after work.
Room #8 is – Brooklyn’s Room. I love this room because it is hers.
Room #9 is – The library. It is where I keep all of our movies.
Room #10 is – Our bedroom. Need you ask why?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Gratitude for the Goodness of God"

"Gratitude expressed to our Heavenly Father in prayer for what we have brings a calming peace—a peace which allows us to not canker our souls for what we don’t have. Gratitude brings a peace that helps us overcome the pain of adversity and failure. Gratitude on a daily basis means we express appreciation for what we have now without qualification for what we had in the past or desire in the future. A recognition of and appreciation for our gifts and talents which have been given also allows us to acknowledge the need for help and assistance from the gifts and talents possessed by others."

--Robert D. Hales, "Gratitude for the Goodness of God", Ensign, May 1992, 63

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am going to Visit the Grandchildren - Yeah!!!!

I am looking forward to see these guys. It has been way to long. I hope they are ready to have fun with Old Granny Kathy.

"The Peaceable Things of the Kingdom"

"Closely related to our own obligation to repent is the generosity of letting others do the same...In this we participate in the very essence of the Atonement of Jesus Christ...We don't want God to remember our sins, so there is something fundamentally wrong in our relentlessly trying to remember others' sins...It is one of those ironies of godhood that in order to find peace, the offended as well as the offender must engage the principle of forgiveness."

--Jeffrey R. Holland, "The Peaceable Things of the Kingdom", Ensign, Nov. 1996, 82

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Shower

The ward here wanted to give Ashley a baby shower

She got a lot of great stuff but the best part of the night was she met a lot of new people and made a ton of friends.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Good Habits Develop Good Character"

"We are not born into this world with fixed habits. Neither do we inherit a noble character. Instead, as children of God, we are given the privilege and opportunity of choosing which way of life we will follow—which habits we will form. Confucius said that the nature of men is always the same. It is their habits that separate them. Good habits are not acquired simply by making good resolves, though the thought must precede the action. Good habits are developed in the workshop of our daily lives. It is not in the great moments of test and trial that character is built. That is only when it is displayed. The habits that direct our lives and form our character are fashioned in the often uneventful, commonplace routine of life. They are acquired by practice."

--Delbert L. Stapley, "Good Habits Develop Good Character", Ensign, Nov. 1974, 20

Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday Time with family

Brooklyn 22 days old
Shiloh and Family
The boys working to have fun.
We went on a picnic this past Saturday.

After the picnic, Bill and his brother Dan went Kayaking down the Stillaguamish River. They said it was great and they enjoyed themselves. Bill even tipped his Kayak over just to check out the water temp. -About 50 degrees-

Trisha and I sat in the car waiting for them down stream. She brought her DVD player along and we started to watch a movie. the guys got to the meeting stop before the movie wa over.

That evening we decided to go to the movies and we saw
Journey to the Center of the Earth - We all thought it was good. It is a different twist on the Jules Verne book. I liked it very much.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Talk about a blast from the past --- Deni


Talk about a blast from the past --- I got on Myspace last night and there was a message from a friend of mind that I knew WAY BACK in the 70’s. WOW I had searched several places to find her and always came up with nothing.

She was my bestest best friend (BFF4L – Best Friends for life) and she is the person that introduced me to my husband. I have not talked with or seen her in about 20 years. I can not wait to get an answer back to the message that I sent out to her.

Bill is constantly tell me I am not a good friend because I have lost touch with her. So it just thrills me to no end that she has contacted me. I will let you know about it if she sends me an email.

Grandaughter #2 EM

When I see pictures like these --- It makes me wish I was in UTAH!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family Sunday

BROOKLYN ANN - Today Brooklyn was Blessed at Church.
Her daddy did the blessing. The blessing was so sweet. It blessed Brooklyn with wonderful life, and a great family, and being a strong member of the church. She will be a good missionary, and a blessing to her family and friends.
After church we had a family BBQ at our place. Ashley's mother and brother were there, so were Shiloh's Aunt and uncle.
After the Lunch/Dinner Trish, Danny, Bill & I went for a drive in the hills of Washington. You would not believe how beautiful Nature is around here. Bill and Danny were scouting places to go Kayaking soon.
I hope that you enjoy the pictures of the day. It was a pleasant day not hot not cold. the sun was shining. Not a rain cloud in sight.

Afternoon with Family :)

WOW I just noticed ... Blue was the color of the day!!!!!!!
Bill And Danny Paddled around this lake. The weather was great. Not hot, Mild breeze, Gentle Rain. The Lake and its shoreline was pleasant.

Getting back out of the Kayak was like ... Well you judge! Danny did it as graceful as he could.