Thursday, July 24, 2008

10 Rooms/ 10 Favorites

10 Rooms/ 10 Favorites

My friend came up with a great "tag".

"We all see all of the tag posts all of the time, and I can honestly say that I don't mind them. I like to read about everybody's likes, and dislikes, and etc. However, who comes up with these?

Some of them are good and fun, and then a few are so bad... One of the last ones I filled out had the question where is your cell phone? I thought " who cares??" and maybe that's how most of you feel about "tag" posts in general.

But, I thought I would start a few tags myself.. Ones that I thought would be fun to actually read and see. I decided to find 10 rooms in my house and post (1) favorite thing in each room.
Room #1 is – The entrance to my home. I love the angel and reindeer out on the stoop.
Room #2 is – The foyer. I love the art work that Bill has on display there.
Room #3 is – The kitchen. I love the Flowers that Bill bought me at the Farmer’s market. (Sorry the picture is not that great.
Room #4 is – The Dining room. I have my favorite Nativities sitting out and I also have the angels that remind me of my mother.
Room #5 is – My Office niche. The reason that I love this is the view I have out my window. I love to sit and watch the birds and the golfers.
Room #6 is – My living room. Bill just bought me a beautiful frame for pictures of our children and grandchildren.
Room #7 is – The master Bath. This is the reason that Bill bought the house (I think). This tub is great, it is big and it is a whirlpool tub. It is wonderful for those stressful days after work.
Room #8 is – Brooklyn’s Room. I love this room because it is hers.
Room #9 is – The library. It is where I keep all of our movies.
Room #10 is – Our bedroom. Need you ask why?

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Tierra Lynne said...

Kathy this was so Great! That picture frame for the grandkids is beautiful!!! Maybe someday by mircale I could come see your house and where you live. Can't wait to see you when you get in!