Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Week ... So Far

Here it goes.
Saturday - We were supposed to drive down to visit Dan & Trisha and help Chris (Their son) celebrate his birthday. When we awoke the weather forecast was calling for miserable weather. We thought that it would be Okay! Yea, Right!!! As we were getting the morning things out of the way, the snow started to fall, fall and fall. It was not much, not compared to what we have seen in Virginia and Tennessee and Kentucky but it was enough. the temperature started to drop and it was getting real cold. the roads were fine but we did not want to chance breaking down or the roads getting worse in the evening.

Trisha called and asked if they could drive up our way (They did not have very much of what we had). I told her that she would have to make that decision for her self, but to stay home for safety reasons. They decided to be safe. So we went out to "Red Robins" it is a gourmet hamburger joint. it was fun, but on the way home the roads had started to turn bad and the snow kept coming.
When we got home Santa came to town riding on a firetruck.

Sunday - I have this terrible cough and it is beginning to drive me crazy so I stayed home from Church. It did not snow much on Sunday because it was way too cold. After Church, Shiloh and Ashley took Brooklyn and the cats out to play in the snow, but I did not get Pictures of their fun.

OH!!!! YES!!! It was "Survivor" night and we watched the final show. This year was a great show. with plenty of twists and turns. but the person that I thought should win did. that was cool!!!

Monday - not much happened.

Tuesday - As you may be able to tell from the pictures. the heavens decided to let it snow. and snow it did.
Wednesday - (My Birthday) Shiloh came home from work early. they had called a snow day at work for all those that were stupid enough to get out and drive to work in this stuff. They took Brooklyn out into the back yard and she got to feel the snow on her face for the first time. and she ate snow too for the first time.
Bill stayed at work and when he finally came home the roads were horrible. He had brought a Cake and presents and we had a blast enjoying a good family night. - Bill said that the store was out to 5's so I will let you guess - Am I 35, 53, 45 or 54? that is you homework tonight!!!

Thrusday - Well that is this morning and the snow kept falling though the night and I woke up and took some pictures of it out the front door.

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