Sunday, March 2, 2008

“Rods & Dogs”

So check it out – church activities in the west are so different than back east. There is something going on every weekend. If not at church then it is at someone’s home.

Last night was the 3rd annual “Rods & Dogs” this is an Elder’s Quorum and High Priest event - (As in Hot Rods and Hot Dogs) - it is a meal of hotdogs, chips and salads along with an adult Pinewood Derby.

We are new here (as you know) and so we did not know about how big an event this was until a day or two before so we did not have time to go out and build a new derby. Bill pulled out one of the cars that the boys had used in the past (about 15 years old) and he entered it.

They had state of the art timing equipment. There were 24 cars and each had to race in 24 races and in all three lanes. The computer timed and ranked the races. After about the 5th race all of the graphite was gone so those that did not know how to graphite the wheels had about the same chance to win as all of the rest.

At the end of the 24 races they tallied up the totals then called for 3 of the cars to come back and race again. They did not say what place these three cars were racing for but that they had tied. Bill’s car was one of them and after 4 more races it was found that bill’ car was the fastest of the 3 cars. by .0001 sec.

Then we found out that he was racing for 3rd, 4th, or 5th place. So he came in 3rd. big upset they tell us because he and three others beat the winner from the last two years (that person came in 5th place).

The cars were so cool in designs, and also some were plain. (oursis the plain yellow car next ot the white one) Now that we know what to expect we will be ready for next year, and I think that I might even build one and race it.


Tierra Lynne said...

WOW!I don't think my ward does any thing extra through out the
month{s} except wednesday night activities and the occasional after sunday mingle--which happens only every 2-3 months! What a difference that must have been to you!

Kathy Finch said...

It is great to be in a big ward. there are a ton of activities to choose from to attend.