Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wet Pack Cannery - Golfers

Today we went down to Kent Washington, to the Chruch Wet Pack Cannery (Dry Pack is near Mount Vernon). We were there for 2 1/2 hours. We helped can Taco Meat. The canning was great. First the men were in charge of cooking the hamburger. (This is where they had Shiloh working). Then they added the seasoning. (Ashley was in charge of measuring out that - she got to weigh it and give it to Shiloh and he took it over to the vats and helped dump it in). Some of the women put the hot meat into the cans and others placed the open cans on a conveyor belt. And still others qualilty checked the cans to make sure that they were filled enough. (That is what I did - QA). They told use that we canned about 50 cases. It was fun and we will go back again.

We did not stay for the whole thing. Ashley was getting tired and so was I.

We ate lunch at a place called Red Robin's (Great hambugers). I had a Hamburger Ashley had a Club sandwich and Shiloh had a Chicken burger. We all had milk shakes mine was chocolate, Shiloh had raspberry and Ashley had Blueberry. !!!!!!!YUMMY!!!!!!

Then it took 3 hours to get home. (59 mile) Traffic was yuckie bumper to bumper. I thought that it was because the Dali Lama was in town but Ashley said it is like this all of the time.

After we got home and helped Bill look for dead mice under the house, Ashley and Shiloh went out to look for plants to put in the planters that are in the back yard.

It is 70 degrees here today. Yesterday it was 39 degrees.

The golfers have been out all day. There was even a crash (Golf Carts) in my back yard. Those guys are drinking and having too much fun and not looking where they were going and one stopped and the one behind kept right on going. Luck that they dont go very fast so no injuries were REPORTED. LOL

It makes for a very relaxing evening to sit and watch the glofers and the sunset in the back yard. Lots of laughter and darns and TWANGS (that is the sound of the club hitting the ball). The lady golfing is not me!! Just a neighbor from around here. I do not know how to golf. And I don't think that I will learn anytime soon!

If you ever need a break from life come on over and relax in a chair on the back porch.

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