Saturday, May 24, 2008


The Proud Parents

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Tierra Lynne said...

What a beautiful backdrop to get married by! I send my HUGE congrats to Shiloh & new Bride! Her flowers were so BEAUTIFUL.

Kathy I must say I'm falling in love w/ your grandbabies! Miles an Corbin are so sweet! I got to babysit them about two weeks ago and they were so great! I spoiled them just alittle by giving them animal cookies when Amber told me not to--haha! Ella never left my side and Corbin-- the cute little stud-- was askin me what out fit he would look best in for church the next day--LOL

I'm going over there tomorrow so Amber can help me w/ a new song i have to prepare for RS so I will give them an extra hug from you!

I just love amber! She so great and is such a big help to me in so many ways--I count her as a great friend---And I'm NEVER LETTING AHER LEAVE MY WARD!