Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Trip to Kentucky

Our Trip to Kentucky
May 23, 2008 – May 27, 2008
(Here are just a few of the 543 pictures that I took this weekend)
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We started our trip on FRIDAY by flying on Delta. We flew from Seattle, Washington to Atlanta, Georgia and caught a connecting flight to Louisville, Kentucky. There, we rented a car for the weekend.

We drove down to Elizabethtown, Kentucky - Pappaw Vernie’s place (this is where we stayed). We unpacked the food that we bought for us to eat while we were there. Then we stayed up and talked to Pappaw for a long while before we went to bed.

SATURDAY we got ready for the picnic – Fishing Derby – at Tammy’s place. We called the boys to see if they had left Knoxville, Tennessee yet. No, they were just leaving. We told them to meet us in White Mills, Kentucky. And we drove down to East View, Kentucky to see if we could be of any help to Nadine. (I helped by staying out of her way. LOL) Nadine, Christine & Lorrine were working hard in the kitchen getting all the great food ready for the picnic. Lorrine washed about 3 pounds of fresh picked onions. Nadine made a great Watermelon salad. Christine helped eat the watermelon. HA! HA!

When Spencer, Ben, Melanie, Corbin & Miles got to Brad’s place – we went on over to Tammy’s place (That was where the party was). Almost everyone was there already.
On the way down to the Picnic Pappaw Vernie & Bill stopped by the Graveyard and placed flowers on Mammaw Mary's tombstone.

Corbin and Miles made fast friends with all of their cousins (2nd).

The family that attended: Pappaw Vernie - Kevin & Debbie - Wayne & Angel - Tyler - Brad & Nadine - Tammy & Jeff - Jessica & Hubby - Hayle - Jackie & Hubby - Hunter - Joella & Aaron - Becky & Friend - Wendy - Chase - Tyler - Vernie - Mackenzie - Emma - Joel & Diana - Diana’s Mother & Father - Rachel (Diana’s Niece) - Bill & Kathy - Spencer - Corbin - Miles - Ben & Melanie - Allen - Joshua - Sheena & Hubby - Christine - Lorrine & Ardin - Mike & Bonnie - Oldest son - Jacob - Summer - And a ton of people that were Family and Friends that I did not get their names.

After we ate and played a bunch of games with the kids, the crowd moved on over to the pond, for some fishing fun.

Many had already arrived at the pond, but when we got there and put our lines into the pond, it wasn’t even 5 minutes before Corbin caught a fish (Catfish) he reeled it in all by himself. It got a way before we got it on to the shore. We got a picture of the splash it made. About 2 minutes later Miles caught a 4” Blue Gill fish. We got a picture of it. Bonnie caught the prize winning fish 9 ½ lb catfish. Spencer caught a 6 ½ lb catfish. Pappaw caught a 5 lb catfish. Others who caught fish are Ben, Angel, Tyler, Ardin, Vernie, Debbie, and many more. There were at least two turtles caught this year. While we were fishing the cows in the cow pasture that the pond is in were having fun licking and kissing all the cars parked in there field. Sheena’s car got it the worst.

SUNDAY we took the boys to Church. After church we drove out to the Abraham Lincoln Birth Place. We walked up 56 steps to the Lincoln Log House. The 56 steps represent the 56 years that Lincoln lived. And there were 16 poles holding up a chain barrier around the log house that represented him being the 16th President of the USA. We watched a movie about the early years of Abraham Lincoln. Then later that night we had a campfire out in Pappaw’s back yard. Wayne and Angel came over and helped us make SMORES. We played in the backyard, chased each other around with cicada bugs and their shells. We played with Pappaw’s new dog BUDDY but we kept calling it “Rusty” and papaw called it “hound dog”. Miles pulled Ben around the yard in an old wagon.

MONDAY we took the boys to the playground. They had a blast sliding and swinging and running. Then we drove over to “Freeman Lake” and ran around after the Geese. Then we went out to eat at RYAN’s. After that it was time for my family to go back to Tennessee. I will sure miss them, but I am thankful for the time that we got to spend with them. (THANKS for taking the time out of your lives to come and visit with your OLD FOLKS). Allen and Debbie came over to Pappaw’s house on a motorcycle. They stayed and talked for a while. We looked at all of Pappaw’s pictures (Old & New).

TUESDAY we drove over to Allen and Debbie be fore we had to leave. I tried to convince Debbie that she should come out to visit. But she said that it was too far for them to travel, especially now that the gas price is up to almost $4.00 a gallon.

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