Monday, August 4, 2008

My trip to Tennessee

My trip to Tennessee

I got to Tennessee on Wednesday night Ben picked me up from the airport and Spencer picked me up from Ben’s home.

We had a great time sitting in the house! (It is way too hot to go out side!) We did get out side to pick veggies from the garden.

We played with all of the toys in the house. Amber has this cleaver idea; she packed up all of the toys into categories. Now when the kids want to play, they pick a box or crate and can only play with one at a time and they have to clean up before they bring out a new one. This works so well. The kids do not get bored – when they are tired of one box they pack it up and get another. The some of the boxes they have are Play Kitchen, Zoo Animals, Beanie Babies, and Dress up etc… see pictures below

Saturday we did take the boys out early one morning to ride bikes (Before the heat set in). They like to ride them in a parking lot near their home. They had a grand time. See pictures below.

I did get to church and I saw a lot of old faces. Bro & Sis Wangsgard, Bro & Sis Rust, Bro & Sis Whitlock, Bro & Sis Sensky, Bro & Sis Dunn, Annette & her kids, Stacy and her new hubby, Bro & Sis Daniels (They are Sister Bailey’s parents. Did you know that he got baptized?) Bro Roberts, well those are who I remember seeing. And they are the ones that talked to me. None of the Tyhurst or Clay families were there because of a family reunion. I would have loved seeing them. Boss man is a great friend!

Amber left Monday morning to fly to Utah. She is a little scared about leaving the kids for such a long time but is looking forward to time with her family.

Monday’s schedule
Amber left this morning at 5 am and then it was up to Spencer and I to take care of the kids. We got up and fed them breakfast. Read a chapter in the Book of Mormon
Then we got cleaned up and drove over to Wal-mart. We got a week worth of groceries.
Then we came home for morning naps. After naps we had snacks.
Then we went out into the garden and picked a bucket of green beans and a bucket of tomatoes. And we made tomato sauce or juice out of the tomatoes.
Then we ate lunch and got everyone ready for noontime naps.
Durning naps Corbin and Miles do not naps (Well, Miles goes down later and stays down for about 1 hour) we read every library book in the house and several of the books that belong to the kids.
After naps we started dinner (Tacos) and the kids tried to help.
After dinner was bath time and then Family home evening. Then family scriptures reading (5 verses) and family prayer - Then we sang 3 songs - Then we put the kids to bed and that is where we are.

Other than the chores and what we ate for dinner this was basically what we did everyday. The children are on a schedule and they do not fight it. I love that. When my children were young, it seemed like a fight to get them to do anything. If I had them on a schedule maybe I would not have had that trouble.
I will post more about my trip only because I have over 600 pictures and most are too cute not to share. Also the rest of the trip was fun.

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Tierra Lynne said...

Aw! Look at those sweet little faces and one more on the way! It was so good to see you Kathy and I'm glad that you had a great trip. Did you forget about the heat?