Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend.

This weekend was filled with Granddaughters. Brooklyn and Leila got to spend Saturday and Sunday with us. We took the girls to the Children’s museum in Everett.

Basically this is a huge playground for the kids. Their favorite spot was in the water works room. Sorry no pictures it was too wet in there. IT WAS HARD TO GET A CLEAR PICTURE OF BROOKLYN…. The child never stood still.

The roof of the place was a large outdoor playground. The girls loved it too. Not so sure I did. The wall of the dinosaur pit and I had a fight – guess who won?

We also took the girls over to Tupalip and let them enjoy the water spouts and falls.

Bill and I both were showing our age… Brooklyn said “Hurry up Memaw” as she pulled on me to get me moving. And Bill (Look at his face) worked hard not to fall when he got up from getting low enough to take some pictures.

Brooklyn and Leila loved to climb all over the rocks.

Monday it was back to just me and Bill. We took our Saturday drive on Monday…LOL

We love driving out to see the water.

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