Monday, May 23, 2011

Saturday Drive in Washington

We drove up to Blaine Washington. It is right on the border of Canada. We stopped at a park on Birch Bay. We were surprised to see this Eagle sitting in a short tree watching the bay. The tree was right at the side of the rode. It is unbelievable but the Eagle just sat there and let us take his picture. He would turn his head so he couldn't see us then turn back around. it was so cool. that is the closest I have ever been to an eagle in the wild.

We stopped as we drove past and then again on our way back and he seemed happy to just ignore us.
We also saw a flock of Heron in the bay. Here are a couple pictures of one of them.
The park was called Semiahmoo
They had a museum of Indian artifacts but the museum was close, so we walked around and looked at some of the displays they had outside. There was this totem pole next to the museum.


Amy said...

Looks like it might be warming up there finally! Dad said it has been very cold, rainy, and cloudy. Glad you have fun.

Kathy Finch said...

It was nice for about three days and one of them I even had the doors and windows opened. But then it got cold again. Sweater weather.

Feels like we are living on a roller coaster of weather.

I loved your Easter and Mother's Day pictures. the kids are growing up fast aren't they?