Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finch Family Christmas update 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

Spencer & Amber (Corbin 5y, Miles 3y, Ella-marie 19m & Hunter 6m) are still in Bristol TN – he now has 4 children the youngest being born in June of 2007. I truly miss my grandchildren. I hope that we will be able to visit them or they visit us a lot. Corbin started Head start this year and loves it. Amber takes the children to the library at least once a week. The children loved to be read to. They are growing up so fast.


Benjamin & Melanie are still in Knoxville TN – they both graduated this year from UT. Ben is now working with a company in downtown Knoxville.

Melanie is doing a lot of traveling with her family (visits back and forth). She also was able to visit Guatemala this summer with her college class. What a wonderful experience for her.

We are expecting them to come for a visit this Christmas. (Can’t wait) - We get to do a lot of sight seeing when they are here! --- Bill graduated too!!!

Jacob & Sara (Emma 16m) have moved to Orem UT – he is working hard providing for his family. Sara has been working too. Sara is a great mother and Emma is blessed to have great parents.

Emma is growning up too fast she is walking and talking and just getting into everything.

Their dog Link passed away this year. It will be a sad Christmas for them when they think about him. My heart is with them. ***************
Shiloh is back with us. He returned home from his 2 year mission in Utah. He stayed home for about a month then returned to Utah to go to school. When mom passed away he thought that we might get lonely with out any children and mom at home so he said he would fill the gap for a while. It is really great to have him here. And he is right I think that I need him around to keep my mind on happy times.


Here are the ins and outs of the past year:

This year has not been a year that I would wish on my worst enemy much less my dear friends.

The year started out bad because in Oct 2006 we found out that my sister Robin was dying of pancreatic cancer, the same cancer that killed my aunt Jan, mom’s sister (My sister’s 2nd mom) in 2004, then in Nov 2006 we find out that my uncle Ray, mom’s brother is dying of the same cancer. So Christmas was not very good for mom and my family. But we made it through.

Robin tried the chemo but it made her very tired and sick. My aunt Jan did not use the chemo. Jan died with in 5 months of being told that she had the cancer. Robin and Ray died with in 6 months. Robin in April 2007 and Ray in April 2007.

In April, Bill, mom and I traveled to Alaska to spend some time with Robin. We were there for about 3 days before she died. And mom and Robin’s mother-in-law were with her when she left this world.

We stayed for the funeral. My brother Russel and my Uncle Dave and aunt Alice came up to Alaska for the Funeral.

We then returned home. Mom was not doing well, but I caulked it up to all the stress of the events of the last few months.

We were home for a little over a week then mom said she wanted to go and she her brother before he passed away. So off we go, Bill, mom & I, to Washington. The day before we left, to fly out to WA, I got a call from my cousin saying that her mother (my aunt Erma, dad’s sister) had just passed away from leukemia. So we also attended a funeral on this visit too.

We spent a week with mom’s older brother David, and we were able to see Ray once before we had to return home. I know that mom really loved this trip, a chance to say “Good-Bye”.

We returned home on a Tuesday and mom was tired but doing okay. Even the next morning she seemed to be doing great. But a little before 11:00 am, she could no longer walk. She refused to talk to me. She just stared at me. She would not eat or drink anything. I called a friend with my concerns and she suggested that I take her to the ER. The ER doctor said he thought that she had a Stroke but all test were negative. They would not even keep her for test. So I took her home. Still mom would not talk to me. She talked to everyone else in short sentences but not me. I was getting very upset, I could not figure out what I had done to make her mad at me.

I finally took her to her doctor and made him do more testing and the results came back that said she had several small strokes, the doctor placed her into rehab (It was an hour and a half drive from my home, so I could only get up to see her every other day or so). It took 5 weeks before she could walk but she did and she was getting better, and released to come back home. This is about the time that Raymond passed away. And she started to get worse. The doctor said she probably had some more mini strokes.

Then I get this sliver of wood stuck in my arm and needed to have it cut out. And so the doctor said I needed a brake from lifting and turning mom and had her admitted to the hospital for a few days. But while there she progressively got worse. She need blood transfusion. So they transferred her to a rehab closer to my home. Being as she was close to the house I visited her two to three times a day. But now her mind was going. And her will power to survive was totally gone. She stopped eating for over a week almost two. And would only drink about 8 oz of water a day, other than what they gave her to take her meds. She got so week and kept saying that she wanted to go to see dad – it was time and if she had to starve herself to get there then she would.

Bill got a job in Washington State during all of this and was in Washington. I tried to get mom’s spirits up for the move but she was done.

My uncle Dave and Aunt Alice came out to visit me in Oct 2007 and they were with me when mom passed away. (THANK YOU) I do not know what I would have done if they were not there.

Bill was able to travel home for the viewing in VA and I left with him to get things ready for the funeral in Oregon. It was a very nice funeral – lots of family came.

I stayed out in WA for about a month with Bill. Then returned home to pack up all of our goods and permanently move out to WA.

So as of today I am in the midst of unpacking, and learning my new surroundings.

The ward that we have moved into is a very nice one and everyone seems to be very friendly. The plus side to this move is that we are close to Bill’s brother, Danny and his wife, Trisha. We live about an hour to 3 hours away depending on traffic.

Bill & Kathy

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