Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New to the Blogging thing

Hi to everyone that takes the time to read this.

A lot has happened this year. Nov 2006 my sister and uncle were both diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Well in April 2007 both passed on to be with their Father in Heaven. This was very hard on our family especially my mother.

We were able to visit with my sister in April. In fact we were there when she passed. I feel it was a blessing and helped us (Mom and Me) to have been there during all of the pre and post things around her death.

We returned home and were there a little over a week then Mom said she needed to see her brother (My Uncle) so we flew out and spent a week in Washington. We had a very nice visit with Uncle Ray . We were also blessed with spending time with other family members.

The only sad thing about the trip was that the day before we left to come to Washington my Aunt (Dad's sister Erma) died. But we did get the opportunity to attend her funeral and visit with family members. Being able to attend was also a big blessing to my mother.

Here is where life gets even worse. We returned home on a Tuesday. Wednesday morning my mother suffered a STROKE. I took her to the ER and they said yes it looked like a stroke but nothing showed up on any of the tests so she probably did not have one. I kept taking her back to the Doctors and ER until they finally found out that she really did have a stroke.

They put her in a rehab hospital to help her learn to walk again. It worked. She was doing great then she just gave up. She got a Blood Clot in her leg muscle and it hurt really badly and she could not walk again. The doctor said he would give me a little time off (Taking care of her) and put her in the hospital for a couple of days. Well days stretched to weeks then to months. She needed a blood transfusion. She was so weak. They were working with her to walk again but by this time she just wanted to go home to heaven. She quit eating only drank a glass a day for two weeks.

Something in her changed and she wanted to live again but she had become so weak that she never bounced back. She passed on OCTOBER 8, 2007.

Now on a brighter note, Bill and I have moved to Washington State. He is now working for an aero-space company in Marysville Washington. He seems to like it very much. He is working way too hard. But I guess that is expected when you are new and trying to make a place for yourself at work. We bought a house here in Arlington Washington.

Shiloh thought that we would be lonely so he has moved back in with us here. He seems to like it well enough.

We miss our family and friends back east but have told them to come visit anytime.

I pray that the New Year brings a little sunshine to our lives.

My Parents

Burton Erikson
April 1929 - June 2001
Died From an Infection

Joyce Siemssen Erikson
Dec 1935 - Oct 2007
Died From a Stroke

My Nephew

Aaron Peters
Aug 1964 - Sep 2007
Died of Heart Attact

My Uncle

Raymond Siemssen
Jan 1944 - April 2007
Died of Cancer

My Aunt

Erma Erikson Nash
Oct 1925 - April 2007
Died of Lukemia

My Sister

Robin Joy Erikson Peterson
Jun 1959 - April 2007
Died of Cancer

My Cousin

Georgette Murry
May 1946 - 2007
Died of Cancer

My Cousin

Frank Andrew Nash (ANDY)
Nov 1955 - Sep 2006
Died of Cancer


Mindy said...

Kathy, It looks great. Love the hat.


siemssen said...

I am impressed!You know you had to make a mistake or two- right?
Your Uncle Ray died April 29th, which is not in May. We wouldn't want the Genealogy Police to get you!
How about posting a picture of your new house?

ak mel said...

Hi! Thanks for sending the email. I am glad the move went good. I hope to hear from ya'll soon.

Rox said...

Hey Girl It is good to have you back in Washington State. I look forward to I-5 being all the way cleared we have 12/22-1/06 off for break so I am thinking a trip north might be a good thing. I just have to check and see where Arlington is. I will check with Annette, Connie and Marie, maybe we can do a girl cousin day in Seattle Take care, Roxie (You are the only one who gets away calling me that)