Saturday, February 2, 2008

Weather report

WOW what a week!

The passes here in Washington and Oregon have been closed due to lots and lots of snow!!
Interstate 90 through Snoqualmie Pass – it closes often for a day or two but this week it was closed for one week (7 days). The avalanche threat was great. They were setting of explosions to create manmade ones to get a lot of the snow off the mountains.

There were these two trucks going over the pass – they pulled over to put chains on and trees fell and totaled both semis.

The weather service said that as of Friday, 130 inches of snow had accumulated at Snoqualmie Pass. The normal for the date is 79 inches. The record, from 1964, is 154 inches. (And it is still snowing).

Here it is sunny today. But it was raining all day yesterday. I do not miss the snow because I do not drive when it is on the roads.

Shiloh is in Utah visiting Jacob. I hope that the roads clear before her starts home.

Okay – okay this is not Washington (It is Switzerland) bit it is how it feels some days.


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Ron Wilkes said...

you seem like nice people.

I'm not christian, but i'm nice too :-)