Monday, June 2, 2008

Marysville Stake Volunteer Work Project

Marysville Stake Volunteer Work Project

This past Saturday, the Marysville Stake (LDS) put together a huge work project. They found a city park that was in desperate need of repairs and cleaning.

The project started at 9 am. There were well over 200 church members that came to lend a helping hand. The park consisted of a football & soccer field, baseball field & tennis courts. There were bleachers, trash can, concession stands and fields that needed work.

Over 30 trees were planted along the fence line of the football/soccer field.

At least 6 truck loads of top soil were delivered and moved to fill divots in the field and to the new flower beds that were created around the concession stand.

The lawn was trimmed and fence lines weeded.

The announcer stand, bleacher hand rails, trashcans and the concession stand were painted.

The soccer goal posts were cut out and moved, painted and stored.

The net poles and lines at the tennis courts were painted.

A ton of trash was cleaned up and removed.

This is a great way to help you feel good about what you do for others. Just seeing all of the men, women and children helping out was very inspirational. I think that the children had the best time. It was more like play to them than work.

Work was completed, for the most part, at 12 noon and then the stake served a lunch of hotdog and chips. Nothing tastes better after a morning of hard work.

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