Friday, August 8, 2008

Visiting the grandchildren ... Continued

The day before I flew home, my friend (and Sister from another Mister) took us all to the Knoxville ZOO!!!
The children loved it, even though they almost melted, Amber I think did melt. (Sorry about that Amber!!!)

We saw a lot of great animals and and had a wonderful time. My favorite animal that we saw was the Red Pandas - I had never seen them in person before and the zoo had 4 of them. They are a very beautiful animal.
One thing that the children enjoyed was riding the camels. They are always hearing about their Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and how they take everyone that comes to visit them in India out to ride the camels. they just wanted to say "We did not have to go to India to ride the camels after all."

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