Monday, September 29, 2008

Another beautiful Weekend

This past weekend was sunny (For the most part) and we wanted to make the most of it. We drove back up to Anacordas to see what kind of things that there was to do around there.

We stopped at the KFC and picked up some Chicken Strips for a picnic lunch at the park. (Food was not all that good - But the park was great).

We sat and watched the boats coming and going for a little while. Then we drove the LOOP --- it is a one lane drive through the park (Woods) with pull outs to stop and walk along the beach. Did I ever tell you there is no sand in Washington! :(

After the drive through the woods we went on down to Deception Pass -- that is a pass through the cliffs near Whidby Island. The current there is very strong and it is a dangerous place to take a boat through.

It is also a dangerous place to hike. Bill hiked down to the base of the bridge to get some great pictures (Which he did) and while he was hiking a man came passed him - not running but traveling at a good speed. He had been walking fast and lost control and could not stop. If it were not for the briers that he ended up in, he would have gone over the cliffs. As it was, he was scratched very (bad long gashes on his face and head). And had a lot of bumps and bruises. But I do not think that he broke anything. Bill said the man was in his 70's or 80's and there should be a warning about old people being on the trail. The man's wife was right be hind him, but did not get up enough speed to go out of control.

We drove down to the beach area of the pass - FINALLY A BEACH WITH SAND. I guess there is a little sand in Washington, but not a lot. I thought that I would never see sand again. I love to walk in the sand but there was not enough here to walk in without stepping on the rocks and it hurts my feet to walk on the rocks. :(

It was a beautiful day - I little sprinkle now and then but Sunny most of the day.

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9TailedFox said...

It looked like a beautiful day. I've been there a few times and love the scenery there. Cool!