Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I LOVE Spending Time with Bill

Tonight Bill called from work and asked if I would like to take a drive out to Kayak Point (A park near us on Pudget Sound). I said that it was great weather and we should take advantage of the nice weather.
Bill said that is why he asked. He said last year it was a dreary winter and we should enjoy the sun while it was out because when Winter hit it would be a long time before we got to see a nice warm evening.

We (Bill & I) drove out to the park and walked on the shore. We even got our feet wet. Boy, the water was cold. --- I miss the warm Virginia beach.

The sun was setting and I took some shots of it. I do not know if you will think the pictures are any good. But I love them. (Nature freak that I am)
Hope you enjoy the evening - through the pictures - as much as we did.

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