Thursday, June 5, 2008

Momories of a beautiful Sister - Happy birthday

My sister was born in Japan in 1959. She was the third child. She was the youngest child. (Spoiled Rotten)

She was the baby and I was the oldest. That should tell you a lot about our relationship growing up. She is 4 years younger than I.

As a big sister, I had to endure all of those big sister things (Tag a longs, sharing a bedroom, sharing clothes, getting into all of my stuff and all of those things that annoying little sisters do.)

And looking back on it all - I would never change a thing! She was the best sister a girl could ever have, and the most annoying.

She and I were not close growing up and in my High School years she moved in with my Aunt out in CA. This made us even more strangers. With me living so far away after I got married, we would talk on the phone only once or twice a year. But all this changed when my father turned 70. I went home for his birthday party and we had a blast getting to know each other. We found out that we really did like each other. She would call out of the blue just to chat and she encouraged me to come out and visit her in Alaska. We became very close. I loved her more than I ever could have growing up. She was the backbone of our family. I was not close to my brother either, but she changed that by making me call him a lot (Cause she said she could get in touch with him) now my brother and I are very close too!

My Memories of my sister:

1) When my grandfather would give us chocholate candy bars everyone would eat theirs as fast as they could. My sister did not like chocholate that much and she would wait till everyone was finished and the say "I'll let you have a bite of mine if you will ..." This always made me mad! she didn't think that she was doing anything wrong, but I beg to differ. I think that she love to get people to just what she wanted. (ages 6-12, Maybe longer).

2) Her boyfriend asked me to go to a concert (Pink Floyd) with him and did not even ask her first. (She was alergic to cigarettes and could not go with out getting sick). I went and she got mad! --- Yea that was wrong on his part - he should have told her that he was going to ask me, but he did't and I did not know that he had not asked her about it. I said yes, He was 4 years younger than me, all they needed was a designated driver because they were all younger than 15 and none had a drivers licsence. And I got a FREE concert out of the whole thing. Robin did not hold that against me for long - she understood and was fine with him going with me instead of another girl.

3) Robin loved my children, she could not have children and kept telling me to let one or two of them come live with her. looking back on it I wished I had. She lived with my aunt because of alergies. She and my aunt had a great many memories that I will never have.

4) She broke her arm when she was riding her bike. We lived on a very steep hill in Washington. and she was just learning to ride, she got going and could not stop the bike and went over a cliff and landed on top of someones car. OUCH -- She had her appendix taken out because the Dr thought that her Food poisoning was and appendisitse. She had braces twice.

5) She was my inspiration. She was a very active and strong member of the church. SHe loved every calling that she ever had. When I would call and complain about one thing or another she would give me all of the good reasons to do my best at what I was asked to do.

6) My trip to Alaska:
She made me sit on Santa lap.
We stayed in a Bed & Breakfast in Fairbanks and she put bubble bath in a whirlpool bath (Big NO -NO) it was so funny cleaning up all of the bubbles that got out as far as the kitchen.
We stayed in a Bed & breafast in Seward. and went on a day cruise to see the glasiers. Because of weather we did not get to see any.
We went up to Danli and looked for wild animals and hiked and had a great day.

7) Her last days on earth. My mother and I were blessed with the chance to spend her last days with her. She was so sick, but her spirit was so humble and happy and she knew without a doubt that she was going home to live with Father in Heaven and Jesus, and nothing could make her sad about that, except leaving her wonderful Husband.

"A Matter of a Few Degrees"
"Remember: the heavens will not be filled with those who never made mistakes but with those who recognized that they were off course and who corrected their ways to get back in the light of gospel truth."

--Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "A Matter of a Few Degrees", Ensign, May 2008, 57–60

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