Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to the world - BROOKLYN FINCH

June 19, 2009
10:30 pm - Mommy and her water part ways.
10:35 pm – Grandma K heard tons of commotion in their part of house but could not tell what was going on - although she had her suspicions.
Daddy comes out and asks for cash but gave no reason.
Daddy comes back out and asks if Grandma K has any pads. (So that is what is going on)
Grandma K gives pads to daddy and then hears more commotion.

Mommy and daddy walk out with pillows under their arms and Grandma asks: “Is everything all right?” daddy says “Yeah, see you later.” (They still think I am clueless)

June 20 2008
1:00 am – Daddy calls Grandma K and Papaw B –
Daddy - “We are at the hospital, Mommy’s water broke. She is in labor, but only 4 contractions in the past hour”
Grandma K – “So how long before the baby comes or are they going to send you back home?”
Daddy – “NO! She has to deliver in 24 hours after the water breaks don’t you know that? Oh, Yeah, You never had that happen because of the C-Sections – any way you can come up now or wait till morning, but her parents are here.”
5:45 am – I called him to see what was up. Mommy still had not seen the midwife. She still did not feel any pain or contractions but the monitors say she is in labor and having them. She is asleep but they are going to wake her up and start giving her meds to make the baby come at 6:00.
7:30 am – Grandma K
arrives at hospital. NOTHING IS HAPPENING! She still has not seen midwife. Meds were given to her but they stopped them and had her get breakfast and a shower.
8:30 am - Grandma K was sent home to get all the stuff that they forgot (But did not really need).
Only info that we got was through TEXT MESSAGES – and those were few and far between.
11:30 am – Grandma K gets back to the hospital and still nothing is happening – she is only dilated to a 4.
This is where that communication started to break down. Everything went to TEXT MESSAGES. We did not see the mommy at all. We only saw the daddy when he was hungry. Messages were texted back and forth between 6 different phones (at least). But even with all of the messages no real info was being given.

2:00 pm – Grandpa Bi comes in from work and waits with us.
3:00 pm – Grandpa Br comes back to the hospital, and still no news.
4:00 pm – Nurses say she has dilated to a 5, but no other info and nothing from mommy and daddy.
5:35 pm – We hear from a passing nurse that she is at a 9, and it could be in the next few minutes or the next several hours. (Yeah that is just what we don’t want to happen.)
6:45 pm – The group in the waiting room decided that maybe they just did not want us there. Grandpa Br texted daddy saying that we know when we are not wanted and we were all going to leave and to text us when the baby came. We waited for 10 minutes with no answer to the text.
7:08 pm - Just when we were sure that this would take forever, a nurse coming from the opposite direction, said “Oh, by the way, she was born at 7:01” that was it, no other info.
7:22 - Grandma C goes to see if she can get any info from the nurses station. Yup this is what she learns - 7 lbs. 10 oz. 19 ¼ “
Tiny Hands
Big Feet

When daddy Finally came out to tell the family that we had a new addition, there were tears in his eyes and the look of awe on his face. He looked like he had just witnessed a miracle; I am here to tell you, yes, he did witness a little miracle!!!!
Grandma K
Grandma C
Grandpa Bi
The big happy Family

Girl, Healthy, 10 toes, 10 fingers, not much hair, Long tongue, loves daddy, healthy lungs but not much crying

When we finally get to go into her room –
Mommy looks great
Daddy picked up baby from mommy she cried for about 2 seconds – what made her stop was hearing her father’s voice, whispering sweetly and cooing quietly into her ear. She stopped crying and just looked up into daddy’s eyes and was happy.
Proud papa
Shining momma

WOW! That did not take her long to wrap daddy around her finger, did it?

Things said by the mom and dad.
daddy reencating "How Big"
Daddy - She is so big!
Grandma C - How big?
Daddy - BIG!!!
Grandma K – But, HOW big?
Daddy - This big (Hands go up and looks like he is holding a large 20 pound watermelon)

Mommy - (about mom and baby) “We are twins – we both have diapers on and both of us pooped”

Daddy – He was still in awe and near tears. “I got to hold her head as she came out and then an arm came out and I held that. Her hand was so small and she grabbed my finger and held on. Then she kept coming out. And I got to cut the cord!”

Grandma C to mommy – “We did not hear you scream. Did you?”
Mommy – “No, But I cried and I told them to make it stop and to get her out anyway possible”
Daddy – “She was great she never yelled or screamed or anything like that. Just a lot of crying because she was hurting and she was so tired.”

Just look at how good Mommy looks after 20 hours of work --- GREAT!!!!!


9TailedFox said...

Congrats on the new addition to the family. Shiloh looks really proud. She was born exactly two months apart from Brenden on April 19. What's her name, or have they not decided yet? Congratulations again, Michael.

Tierra Lynne said...

Big Congrats to the sweet little addition to your family!