Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Brother Russel came to visit - Part 3

June 8, 2008 - Sunday - San Juan Islands, Deception Pass

The ferry over to the big Island (San Juan) was $69 round trip. (Ouch) But at the end of the day well worth it! We took a lot of pictures from the ferry, of other boats.

Once on the island we drove up to a national park called English Camp.

Then we drove over to Lime Kiln Point. There we tried looking for whales but none were around. There was a kayak or two out enjoying the wonderful weather. We took a nature hike down to the whale watching point. And then we hiked up to the lighthouse. The weather was great. And the views were out of this world, breath-taking.

From the lighthouse we drove down to another national park called American Camp, and watched a film about the war that almost was, started but the killing of a pig. The beach was neat down there.

Next it was over to South Beach. This is a long beach that is completely lined with driftwood. Here we also took a bunch of pictures. We also walked along the beach.

We continued on to Cattle Point where another lighthouse sits. At the park we took pictures of boats that were passing by. We sat and enjoyed the sunny day. It was perfect, not too hot.

Back on the ferry going back to the mainland, it stopped at another island (Lopez). We did not get off; Lopez Island is a small island. The ferry just picked up more passengers and cars.

When we got off of the ferry we drove over to Deception Pass. We walked out over the bridge. And then we drove down around to the national park under or near the bridge. There is plenty of camping sites there too. Now we have a bunch of camping places to choose from.

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